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The Pro Performance Online Sports Injury Clinic focusses on health and education for improved quality of life, day to day function and sporting performance. We offer online consultations to assess your needs, establish your goals and help you achieve them. Our assessments and individual treatment systems that we developed over years working with professional athletes have been designed to cut through the noise allowing you to; decrease pain, rehabilitate, restore function and maximise performance.

  • 100% Online Assessments and Consultations.
  • Accessible from anywhere through you devices, mobile, lap top, tablet or computer
  • Flexible to fit around your schedule

We believe that life is a gift that should be enjoyed to the fullest. All too often medical interventions serve to prolong life, what makes us different is that we want to improve the quality of life allowing you to enjoy every task you undertake. Keeping you performing at your very best is at the centre of everything we put in place for you as one of our clients.

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Our aim and focus is to always promote activity throughout the period of recovery and give you the tools to manage conditions yourself. You will always be the at the centre of your treatment pathway and you will always be the key decision maker. We have no interest in over medicalising our clients. We want to empower, promote independence and help those who want to help themselves.

The specialists at Pro Performance work with you every step of the way and make you part of the decision making process to get you back at your best as soon as possible. Our innovative online system means you don’t have to struggle to fit in appointments and travel around your already busy lives. If you’re carrying a phone, a laptop or a tablet you have us with you all the time.

The most important part of any performance or rehabilitation pathway is information. If you have the right information, the right diagnosis, the right motivation and the right guidance then success will follow. We can provide all of these through our online platforms. Expert knowledge, tailored to you. At Pro Performance we don’t just look at your injury, we look at you, the individual. Through our years of experience we’ve come to appreciate that if you focus on just one of the bodies systems you are guaranteed to hit road blocks. We address the physical, nutritional, psychological and physiological components that make you who you are.

  • 100% Online
  • 100% Accessible
  • 100% Effective

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Exceptional clinical knowledge but more than that they have an understanding of how injury, pain and dysfunction can impact the individual. You’ll get a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation pathway addressing all areas of performance, not just your injury. I couldn’t recommend this service enough for sports men and women at every level of competition

— Paul Hatton, Head of Performance Hull FC rugby league

I would fully recommend Rob’s clinic. I suffered back problems due to years of high impact sport. I had countless visits to physios osteopaths and doctors with no one being able to provide relief or find a root cause. Following my initial consultation with rob he identified the problem immediately and put me on a course of corrective exercises and mobility drills. 1yr on I am still problem free and have even been able to resume mixed martial arts. I found rob fantastic to work with and more importantly he listened both to me and my body before embarking on a treatment course. Great service ! Highly recommended!

— Paul Marrs. MMA athlete

Rob is nothing but professional and takes time and intetest in assessing you to ensure he understands you as an individual. He got me back lifting free of shoulder pain issues and continually checked in with me to see how I was progressing. A great physio who I would recommend to anyone, and who genuinely cares about his patients.

— Beth O'Neil. Reebok Crossfit Glevum

Whatever sport you’re involved in, if you’re in the Gloucester or Cheltenham area Pro-Performace should be the first and only injury service you go to for assessment, treatment and rehab

— Billy Burns. Gloucester Rugby

Brilliant treatment and great advice. Really helped my performance during the weekend. I don’t know what Callum did but he managed to completely clear shoulder pain that I’d been suffering with for ages! Many Thanks Pro Performance!

— Paul White. Wild West Cross Fit Competitor

An absolutely great job by Tom. Perfect way to end a great weekend. Awsome work Pro Performace! A must have at every Wild West event!

— Garteth Want. Box Manager SCCF Birmingham

Whether you’re a rugby player, cyclist, tri-athlete, tennis player, gym goer, swimmer, footballer… What ever your sport, if you take it seriously you need to talk to Pro-Performance

— Richard Hibbard. British & Irish Lion, Wales and Gloucester Rugby Union

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